Enhancing Institutional Services to Improve Student Experience

Institutions are under growing pressure to deliver an interactive and engaging university experience. In today’s challenging academic climate, it’s important for students to have an increasing amount of choice that allows them to select modules and activities according to individual preferences, ultimately resulting in greater student retention and academic success.

How can institutions implement change without impacting on overheads and resource?

Student Allocator is an online web portal that improves institutional services and increases satisfaction with a self-service approach to administration. The software allows students to make suitable choices according to their schedule, with the option to select modules, tutorials and other activities based around their other commitments such as part-time work or childcare.

Academic and administrative staff can also benefit from the flexibility of Student Allocator by creating and reviewing programme structures and restrictions. It allows them to manage aspects such as class size or conflicting student demands in a controlled way.

When linked to Syllabus Plus Enterprise Foundation, Student Allocator can also maintain a clash-free timetable and facilitate improved attendance monitoring and retention rates; tracking student swaps between tutorial and seminar groups and the accuracy of class lists. By identifying issues early on, staff can intervene and prevent drop outs.

In this video, David Duffett explains how Student Allocator improves institutional services and satisfaction for both staff and students.